It just works

CiviSites is a managed service. We run the servers and update the software: you just use it.

It saves you money

Reduces your direct costs and overheads on management and monitoring of hosting arrangements compared with running your own virtual server.

Configurable everything

Need more than just contact details? Create custom data fields, activity types, membership rules, even contact types: no programming required.

Custom forms and surveys

Add forms to your site to collect information from your users. Collect visitor data, run surveys and manage inbound marketing campaigns.

Complete history

Store every conversation, email, call, meeting, document, and any other transaction you've ever had with a contact.

Scalable, high performance

Our highly-tuned cloud infrastructure will grow with your usage, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

No lock-in

Test, prototype, start small and grow. If you want to move on, simply export it all anytime (code, database, files) and host it yourself – or speak to us about advanced options.

Up-to-date security

CiviSites is built on the latest, state of the art Drupal and CiviCRM releases and will be updated with security patches as they become available.

Your data is safe and secure

Our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure is based in high security data centres protected by enterprise-class firewalls and SSL encryption. 

Never lose anything

Automated backups run every 24 hours. So you can always roll back to a previous version.